The Mark-1 Project
The Mark-1 Project

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at Mark-1 Ammo: Precision and Performance

In the world of ammunition, Mark-1 Ammo stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment to quality. Our approach to manufacturing isn't just about output; it's about the meticulous journey of each bullet, ensuring precision and performance at every step.

Oehler – The Gold Standard:
Oehler technology, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., is a centerpiece of our demanding quality assurance protocols. From velocity to pressure evaluations, intricate scoring, and pinpoint accuracy assessments, Oehler's equipment embodies what top-tier ballistic testing should be.

Setting the Bar with Advanced Sensing Technology:
But our quality mandates don't stop there. We expressly demand that manufacturers crafting under the Mark-1 banner employ not just Oehler technology, but also integrate state-of-the-art sensors, such as Piezotronics, ensuring an exhaustive and detailed analysis of every round. In our book, 'high quality' isn't enough; we aim for the pinnacle of excellence, pushing the boundaries of technological advancements.

Rooted in American Expertise:
Every Mark-1 product is a salute to American craftsmanship. Created on American soil and overseen with the diligence and expertise of American labor, our ammunition is a tribute to a legacy of excellence that the nation has long been celebrated for.

With Mark-1 Ammo, it's not just about firing—it's about the confidence, the power, and the pride that comes with every shot, knowing it’s backed by unparalleled quality standards and advanced technological scrutiny.